Boyfriend Love Facebook Status Update

You stole my heart its true because every time I close my eyes all I see is you!

Sometimes when you see me looking at you for no reason it’s because you are the most amazing person ever, and you’re all mine xD I Love You

i still text you even if we are not together bcuz before being lovers we were friends and i will always care for you

A boy makes a mistake, Girl scolds him, Boy says “Sorry”..
Next time girl makes a mistake, boy scolds her, Girl cries.. Boy says “Sorry” 😛

shes strong because he knows what it feels like to be weak. he keeps a guard up up because he knows what it like to cry himself to sleep

boys are like bouncy balls, when your bored you throw them but they just keep bouncing back xx

I wear my heart on my sleeve, just to show everyone that it has your name on it.

The way your hand fits into mine is like no puzzle I’ve ever seen before. =]

I found Mr. Right once I left Mr. Wrong.

thinks she finally found the most amazing boyfriend ever i LOVE him so much!

I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day you find it is the day I’ll stop loving you, which means I’ll never stop loving you cuz you can’t find tears in the ocean

says: That special person in your life may know you love them, but sometimes they just need to hear the words. So, never stop telling them: ‘I Love You!’

You’re my knight in shining armor, even if you’re only a dork in tinfoil! I love you!

I’d pick a redneck in a jacked up Chevy, over a thug in a decked out sports car ANY day of the week.

I don’t know if it’s your smile, or the way you crack jokes, but for some odd reason, I’m in love with you

When you walk into a room your the only thing I see, when I see you I know your for me, and when I kiss you everything is where is suppose to be

I don’t really care if I video chat with you all day Talk to you on the phone from the time I wake up, till I go to sleep NOTHING is like having you beside me

Behind every girl’s smile there is a boy who put it there!

Though we may fight and have arguments, I always know that we will make it through. I will stand by your side no matter how big the problem might be. I

If a man calls u cute, he’s looking at your face. If a man calls u hot he’s looking at your body. If a man calls u beautiful he’s looking at your heart.

if arguments really make us stronger, then baby we will last forever

I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I have you

from the moment you asked me out, it took me a minute to take it all in. its been several months since then and i still can’t believe it..

No I’m not tripping, I’m just falling for you all over again

I love ur smile, I love ur laugh, I love the way u kiss me, I love all the nicknames u call me, but most of all I love the fact that ur mine.

Boyfriend Love Facebook Status Update

Girl: i hate when other girls look at you Boy: well you have something they don’t have Girl:what Boy: my heart

Just thinking about you, I get butterflies

You love me enough that you would give up all your hopes and dreams just to be with me.. I love you enough that I would NEVER make you do that..

some things are meant to be… just like you and me

The happiest feeling in the world is knowing someone loves you with all there heart. They have a sea of people to choose from and they chose you.

I Love my sweet ,charming on of a kind boyfriend !!

I love spending time with you, but I wish time would stop when I’m with you

Who cares about Prince Charming on a brilliant white steed? I want my Farm Boy in a F-350 diesel, wearing a baseball cap.!

I love you, and when we fight it scares me because i don’t want to loose you .

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