140 Funny Sms Jokes Text Messages to Make You Laugh

Wanna send funny jokes, text messages, funny sms to your friends to make them laugh a lot, then choose a funny sms message from the below 101 Funny sms list.Funny Sms Sms Messages, Text Wishes and Greetings for friends and Family.

  1. SHOPPING Is Always More Fun WhenYou’re Spending Someone Else’s Money Instead Of Your Own
  2. Attachment Is Not WhenTwo People Chat Day & Night….Its When Someone E-Mails UAnd Adds An Image Or Data File With It.That File Is Called Attachment
  3. ‎5 Missed Calls From Your Mate,You Missed A Bachelor Party Last Night.5 Missed Calls From Your Best Friend,They Want To Hang Out.5 Missed Calls From Your Girlfriend,She Wants To Talk.5 Missed Calls From Your Mum,YOU ARE SCREWED!!!
  4. There have been many time in 2011when I may disturbed you troubled u irritated ubugged u…today I just wanna tell you….I plan to continue it in 2012.
  5. An unfaithful husband Thinks of other women When he sleeps with his wife.A faithful husband thinks Of  his wife when he sleeps With other women
  6. A Husband & Wife Were Arguing Over Some Issue.After Much Of Discussion,Wife Finally Said:”Tell Me Dear ,Do You Want  To WinOR  Do You Want To Be Happy . . ?Argument Ended
  7. “If Money Ever Grew On Trees Girl’s Would’nt Mind Dating With Monkeys”
  8. I love everybody.Some I love to be around,Some I love to avoid,andothers I would love to punch in the face.
  9. Two Wise Advises for Married PeoplesNever laugh at your wife’s choices…(You are on of them…)Never be Prouf of Your Choices…(Your Wife is one of them…)
  10. A Husband said to his wife One day”I don’t know how you can be so stupid&so beautiful all at the same time”The wife responded ,”Allow me to explain,God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me ;God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you !”