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6 Signs That Women is Using You

When we come in a relationship, the first things we want is that person to love us, as we love her, is not it? However, there are some people who like to use more than a companion to love it.
Then brought here, some tips on how to find out if your partner is using or loving you, so that you know how to proceed with your relationship, without which neither party suffers.

Below is six signs that your wife is using you and that it is not with you because he loves you, but because you think should be with you, check below

relacionamento 6 Signs That Women is Using You

She does not return your calls / messages

It is common that women do not answer your calls or messages, and do it only when you need something and depends on you to accomplish the same. This indicates that you are not the same priority in life and when you least expect it, she will get you a foot in the ass.

Uncheck commitments

Whenever you want to go out with her, it gives an excuse, or even when everything is already combined in the same league unchecking the commitment and speaking it has something more important to do.

She is only interested in what you can give

In a common and true relationship, both do not care what the other may or may not give, so there is an exchange of gifts and investments, both emotional as well as financial. However, when women only think of using you, she never gives you anything, and when you give something to it must be something of value, otherwise it complains.

You are the last option

She always likes to leave, but not with you! Normally she keeps hanging out with you and go out with friends and friends, leaving you just one last choice option, i.e., if she treats you well, you’re probably not the only option for her company, thus CAUTION.

You are not included in her plans

She always makes plans, trips, tours, holidays and such, but you are never included in these plans, requiring you to ask her to go. If this is the case, nothing better than to end the relationship.

Not introduces you to friends and family

If the girl does not show you to friends and family, it is because something is wrong ! If so, be wary, since it may even have someone else and conceals

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