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Things People Do Just After Break-Up (Relationship)

Lot of thing happened in relationship and its not easy to get out from that relationship , so there are many thing that people do just after breakup and we have listed all those thing below.

  • Cried ,Panicked.
  • Tried to recollect what went wrong.
  • Cried, cried even more.
  • Never spoke to anyone. Nope, not even parents.
  • Lost focus on everything. Took temp break from work.
  • Try to be “just friends.”
  • Get a haircut — or tattoo.
  • Missed her a lot.
  • Slept for longest time possible.
  • Drank and drank a lot.
  • Literally gave up.
  • Hide your ex from all social feeds
  • Post a killer new profile pic.
  • Go on a trip.
  • Forgive and forget.
  • Fell unconscious at home at times.
  • Went to rehabilitation.
  • Tried to cope up with reality.
  • Took some time to understand the situation.
  • Came back home.
  • Left everything behind. Changed house.
  • Reconnected with friends:
  • Learnt a new language:
  • Engrossed in new job: 
  • Do something exciting:

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