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Which City Will be Targeted by Pakistan With Nuclear Weapons in India

Well this is unlikely to happen.

Even if they attack our BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM consisting of PRITHVI AIR DEFENSE and s-300 batteries and ASHWIN AIR DEFENSE will terminate any target that is headed towards INDIA.

Let’s assume that some IDIOT becomes head of PAKISTAN ARMY .

In such Scenario:

Let’s assume that they mount their Nukes on their SHAHEEN-III with range of 1,600 miles.

RANGE ATTACK Which City Will be Targeted by Pakistan With Nuclear Weapons in India

As you can see in above pic they can cover almost entire India with their SHAHEEN-III missile.

If they were to attack India solely to defeat it, they would first attack India’s political seat “NEW DELHI” .

Then they would attack India’s Financial Capital “Mumbai”.



Robbing India of her Trade and commerce.

Now they will attack our AIR BASES and NAVY BASES(In an event of war AIR FORCE will be first to attack enemy along with our NAVY).

Then they will attack our MILITARY BASES.

List of our MAJOR BASES in INDIA.

Then they will nuke all the regions like PUNJAB,RAJASTHAN,GUJARAT,KASHMIR from where a possible Indian Retaliation through land would be easy.

base army Which City Will be Targeted by Pakistan With Nuclear Weapons in India

If it happens we will attack PAKISTAN, And destroy it to ashes .But eventually no one will win.

Above war , we  also have long term impact on Earth and people

Here’s a summary

  • They used climate models to predict what would become of the planet
  • Their research looked at the detonation of 100 ‘small’ nuclear warheads
  • In their paper they conclude humanity would have been affected for decades
  • There would be worldwide famine, deadly frosts and huge ozone losses
  • The results would be the death of hundreds of millions or billions

Considering the reduction in temperature over the long term, most of the agricultural produce in the world will see a reduction over time which will ensure most of the population of the sub continent will perish.

Hope we find a peaceful solution to all our problems.

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