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What Would Happen if a Husband and Wife have the Same Blood Group

Blood group is mentioned in the format, X+ or X-; X may be A, B or O. The first part denotes ABO system while +/- denotes Rh system.

There is no incompatibility related issues with partners, in case of ABO and Rh systems. Any blood group person can marry person with another group. Nothing will happen if if a husband and wife have the same blood group

No, there is no harm in marrying someone of same blood group.

Problem only occurs when the lady is Rh – ve (eg O-ve, B-ve) while her husband is Rh + ve.

And that too can be avoided very easily.

What is the problem?

In the above case, complications can arise (miscarriage, fetal death) from 2nd pregnancy onwards. First pregnancy is completely safe.

How can the problem be avoided?

A simple injection of Anti-D (costing around INR 3K OR $25 ₹) given by the doctors within 72hrs of each delivery can ensure that future complications can be easily avoided.

This injection is to taken even after an abortion, not just after a successful delivery.Knowing the condition, one should be careful only at this scenario, where mother is negative and father is positive. If so, immediately after birth, check the blood group of the child. If negative no problem. If positive, then mother should be given immunoglobulins to prevent sensitization.

Bottom line.. Blood groups of partners won’t create any problem in your lives.

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