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Why Most Indian Men in Stare at Young Girls ?

There are lot of reason why men stare at Young Girls ,Even when they are Committed or Married .Its a general male instinct and it prevails all over the world. Women are very conscious in India and hence they think its a bad notion. In reality girls are looked or stared by men everywhere. At some places people don’t mind it and in many people don’t even have time to look at others. So yes this is normal. Ignore it if you can.

menstaring 550x371 Why Most Indian Men in Stare at Young Girls ?

If you are feeling to awkward then I suggest to stare back at the person and they will instantly look away.

Knowing self defense is a very good thing if you believe in gender equality.

Most of the men sees young girls as an Object (& which is by default i think so because being a man i also have such feelings but has the ability to control it) and on the spot they try to fantasies & satisfying their feelings by just staring

Indian Law Relating to Staring Girls

Lok Sabha passed the new Anti-Rape Bill on Tuesday. But, its tough provisions against ‘staring’ and ‘following’ have put the city guys on a guard,if a man stares at a woman for more than 14 seconds, he can land in jail

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