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Why Some Girls Don’t want to Marry their Boyfriends?

Yes , some girls dont prefer to marry there PARTNER , there are lot of reason for this , but many girls dont prefer to marry there partners because of society and reason for this is

1. Most families are patriarchal. Its just not possible for girls to voice their opinion. They go with whatever their parents say. But this same thing applies to boys as well.
Most indian kids are way too scared to even tell their parents about their relationship .

2. They are themselves not sure about their choice a lot of times . All relationships dont work and even when they do. They arent always serious.

3. There is a difference between Boyfriend and husband and many of them don’t prefer to marry inter caste as they think it will end there family cultural values.

4.  Some Indian Girls also feel that their boyfriend wouldn’t be their ideal husband. It is the same for men as well – girlfriends and a wives are apples to oranges. The illusion of permanence and security in a marriage changes some people in a way thats not always desirable.

Most parents would be scared of love marriages, partly because Indian society is yet to mature and partly also because they are not totally confident about the choices made by their kids. So, they insist that the kids follow their bidding. In such cases, either the boy is (a) successful at convincing parents while the girlfriend waits, (b) defies the parents and marries the girl, (c) the girl can’t wait and chooses to move on or (d) the boy is unable to convince the parents and lets go of the girl.

Reasons Why Girl’s Don’t Marry Their Loved Ones!

  • The guy is not bold enough to tell their parents about their love.
  • The guy was not earning enough money to keep her happy.
  • The guy was extremely annoying and sentimental
  • The guy was very arrogant, rude and behave abnormal with her parents
  • The guy is cheating or having more than 1 relationship at a time.
  • The girl was not able to convince her parents.
  • The girl was forced emotionally to forget her loved ones
  • The guy who never used to respect her emotions or feelings.
  • The girl loves their parents so much that she can’t hurt them.
  • The girl was never looking for a serious relationship

Above all the biggest reason is in Most India  parents still don’t believe in love marriages

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