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Why Indian Girls are Not So Open Minded

There are lot of reason behind this ,and the very first thing is our society , which restrict women to act beyond some limit,and all those reasons are as follows

indian girl Why Indian Girls are Not So Open Minded

  • The fear and pressure from parents / relatives / society is very high when you go for acceptance of love marriage
  • Average Marriage Age is 23-25yrs for girls in case of arranged marriage. IMO, This would be too early to decide on priorities about life
  • With Social Networking sites there is improved communication / relationship between both the genders. It takes time to earn trust of a girl and ask her for a lunch / dinner. You cannot expect it to happen in the very first meeting / first few days
  • Majority of girls are conservative. Our Society does not agree to the concept of dating.
  • Often you trust parents decision are right (Less Risky). Arranged marriage process by itself has a lot of loop-holes unless you devote time to focus on personality compatibility not just on status and wealth. If we compare with alternatives / options in life we will always crib. Post marriage it is useless to crib if you do not choose right partner
  • At last a good relationship takes a lot of time to build – understand – support to make it work lifetime. Occupied with professional / career goals we lower priority of marriage and end up marrying someone decided by parents
  • For both Guys and Girls, Managing trust, risks involved to remain committed should be all the way till the end not just in the beginning of a relationship. Many relationships break halfway when there are problems
  • I have seen people who succeeded and people who failed. It depends on trust, persistent efforts to make it successful. Hope in next few years we would be more open to trust new relationships, be a better generation going forward

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