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Are Single Girls Open to sharing a rented flat with Males

Many of you are looking for answer that whether single  girl prefer to share there flats with males or not ? But it all depend on location .Times have changed and people have evolved. Either that or people have turned ignorant (highly unlikely in our society).

Yes. Several girls would do. But, the context is on the city. If it is a place like Singapore where real estate is premium and finding a nice flat is hard, it is quite common. Also, the city or the friends of his don’t judge when you walk in buzzed at 2 am .

It is a bad idea to share a flat in India, with an Indian woman who is just a friend. It has a lot of downsides:

  • If you are single straight guy, other women assume that you are in a relationship with your flatmate, which significantly reduces your dating prospects. This is even more exacerbated when your flatmate talks about you to other women in glowering details about your personal life, after mentioning that she ”lives with you” (often a deliberate cock-block on her part).
  • If you tell them you’re not dating, a lot of them will start to wonder ”why”, especially if your flatmate is conventionally pretty (and no explanation is convincing enough, if she is sold to the belief that a “hot” woman is pursued as a dating prospect by everyman).
  • Continuing from the previous point, if a woman discovers that your flatmate has some kind of mini-crush on you (from the way she talks about you), she might assume that you “must be gay” not to respond to someone like that. QED, you are automatically dismissed as a dating/sexual prospect.
  • If you are not single, your girl might have serious issues when you breach the topic that you are sharing (or planning to share) a flat with another woman who is not an immediate family member. Again, this is yet another situation where no amount of explanation seems to work (with Indian women).
  • You have to draw a lot of boundaries over what is and is not acceptable in the flat sharing arrangement. You also have to deal with the differing ways in which girls and guys mark and share expenses.
  • At times, sharing a common living space with someone of the opposite sex can lead to embarrassing or awkward situations. Especially if one (or both) of you gets drunk/stoned and boundaries get a little hazy. Or in the summers, when there is a power cut and you have to walk around in nothing but boxers/shorts.
  • You absolutely need independent bathrooms. If you share a common bathroom in the flat and don’t have individual bathrooms, it can be literally painful – especially if you have to hold yourself while she takes an hour (or more) to complete her bathroom rituals. Male flatmates are relatively quick and are more likely to response to a call for urgency.
  • Her bad mood days, when you have to walk on eggshells and wonder why the hell didn’t you get a MALE flatmate.

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