20 Funny Ways Parent Troll Kids Pictures

Parents are no Doubt very Funny and this parenting picture also prove that and here is the 20 ways how parents troll there kids.

Cruel, Cruel Sense Of Tumor

Too Much Information

Can Keith Take A Hint?

This Parent Just Wanted To Make Life Better For All Parents

All He Wanted Was Cold, Hard Cash

First Impression From Girlfriend’s Dad

Graduation Bingo!

It’s a Little Dark In Here

Is That A Real Name?

What A Picky Tooth Fairy!

Are These Parents Liars?

His Mom Has Taken Up Canning

Did These Parents Go A Little Too Far?

Proud Kid Made Humble

Guess Who’s Room That Is

Tired Of Laundry

Got To Start Early

She Made A Cake!

Not A Parent, But Worth Mentioning

Want WiFi?


One of the earliest activities we engaged in when we first got into astronomy is the same one we like to show our children just as soon as their excitement about the night sky begins to surface.